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  • Intelligent Energy Efficiency Platform

    Identify, Collect, Analyze and Act on energy efficiency opportunities throughout the entire building lifecycle using simuwatt’s mobile and cloud-based enterprise application and platform.

Rapidly report on your building performance through simuwatt’s standardized workflows, intelligent building analytics and cross-trade field collection application.

simuwatt® Energy Auditor is an innovative cloud-based, tablet and desktop software application that lowers the time and cost of providing high quality, commercial building energy assessments while preserving the data to facilitate reporting, portfolio-wide tracking, and reuse. simuwatt’s standardized data collection interfaces, integrated library of energy conservation data, and enterprise collaboration tools organize and create analysis-ready reports and models.

simuwatt is a result of joint development with the greatest minds in commercial building energy sciences at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL).

How it works

Energy Auditor connects and reports on data through a Web Browser, iPad and Windows 10 interface to collaboratively generate and organize data for whole building energy modeling and analysis. The data are used to drive energy-based capital improvements for the entire building lifecycle.

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