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simuwatt® Energy Auditor allows for rapid building data collection, while increasing data quality. Streamline the data to analysis process with Energy Auditor and shorten data collection and reporting cycles by over 50%.

A Hub for Building Data

Access building data in the Cloud anywhere, anytime, even offline. simuwatt centralizes data for easy access, collaboration, and tracking throughout the building lifecycle.

Flexible for Any Project

From preliminary to investment grade assessments, simuwatt is a flexible, customizable and scalable platform to identify any cost-saving opportunity.

Tools for Teams

Get everyone on the same page with industry standard inputs and share data at any point. simuwatt gives you the tools to assign tasks, merge data and track revisions.

Intelligent Devices in the Field

Use the power of intelligent devices in the field including an integrated camera, videos, voice recognition and handwriting recognition.

Data Rich Libraries

Create a custom My Library for rapid data collection, and reference simuwatt’s library of industry standard data including cost-saving improvement measures.


Streamlined Outputs

Export data to Microsoft Excel workbooks for analysis, and generate reports with integrated photos for use in Microsoft Word.